Tradition and innovation

We cannot talk about the future without knowing the past: our activity began in the forties when Luigi Gioira's paternal great-grandfather opened the first laboratory in the historical district of taps and fittings located between Valsesia and Lake Orta.

From then on, the company and the family took turns up to Oleggio Castello where Luigi, with his children Marco and Michela, fourth generation of the family, founded GM Rubinetterie.

Here, tradition merged together with modernity and technology that invades our lives now, even if it is true that everything that is modern will be overcome sooner or later. Our technical, aesthetical and functional research to achieve an excellent quality standard started from here.


Years of activity




Passion and commitment


Our vision

The company philosophy has always been the same: passion and commitment to design, produce, test, certify and deliver quickly. We take care of every detail of production to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. All this is the basis of our present and future strategy.


All our products can be customised in size and finishes according to customer requests.

Environmental policy

Moreover, we do not want to forget our great commitment to follow the progress that directs us towards the use of ecological and healthy materials in order to work in harmony with the world around us day after day.